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And thank you for stopping by the1933 Crack'n Riley Special Sprint Car Web Site. This web site is one of 4 sites which together form "Team Watson Online". Our other 3 sites include:

If you arrived at this web site from a web site other than our main portal, I invite you to stop by our main portal to learn more about the web sites mentioned above. I am sure you will find every one of them both interesting as well as entertaining.



Hi. My name is Brian Watson, son of Bill Watson, restorer of the featured race car. The idea for a web site about our sprint car came about in 1999 after being approached at car shows and on-track events by numerous people for additional photos and information about the car. Besides being bulky, our archive is extremely important to us so it is normally kept in a firebox instead of out on the road with the car. We decided that the next best thing would be for us to design a web site showcasing what we feel is one of the largest collections of historical information about a 1930s sprint car in the Northeast US.

We took a simple and clean approach when designing this web site and feel confident that the casual web surfer all the way up to the Vintage Auto Racing Historian will find this site both entertaining as well as educational.

If you have been on this site long enough to be reading this, then we have either peaked your interest in Antique & Vintage Racing Cars or perhaps you are just curious as to what the heck is this thing called a "Sprint Car". Hopefully, after you are done visiting with us you will have a good idea what a Sprint Car is, along with the burning desire to see one of these beautifully crafted engineering marvels up close and running at your local track, especially on Dirt and definitely at Speed.

And for those of you who have never been to your local dirt race track on a Friday or Saturday night to see local home town racing at its finest, we STRONGLY recommend that you do so immediately!

One last item that I feel deserves mentioning before we drop the green and let you loose to check out the site. This sprint car was raced from 1933 to 1963. Was restored from 1971 to 1973 and has been actively shown and driven since 1973. That leaves only a 10 year window that the car has sat in its lifetime, 10 years since 1933. Also noteworthy is that this car has been on the show field at the Antique Automobile Club of America's Fall Meet in Hershey PA, (AACA), every year since 1973.

We would love to hear from you so to please do not hesitate to write and tell us about your current or future project or to ask a question. We also ask you to please CONTACT US if you feel you have additional Historical Information & PHOTOS about this Sprint Car.






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