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Brian was born in March of 1971. From the time of his birth Brian has been helping his father, Bill Watson, with the #32 Crack'n Riley Special at various Meets, Shows & Exhibitions. Primarily the AACA Hershey, PA Antique Car Show.

Brian graduated from Philadelphia University in Philadelphia, PA with a B.S. in Chemistry in 1993. Following graduation Brian took a job with a Specialty Chemical Manufacturer located in Bucks County as a Production Chemist. In March of 2000 Brian was promoted to Production Manager.

In May of 1994 Brian purchased a 1983 Porsche 944 and formed Watson Racing Team. With the help of his father, Brian slowly converted the 1983 Porsche from street to race ready. Over the next few years Brian, along with his father, participated in Porsche Club of America, (PCA), events until $$$ required to run surpassed feasibility and enjoyment per $.  

The car was then sold and all operations were put on hold. Following the selling of the car, Brian dabbled in various forms of Motorsports trying to find the right combination of financial involvement, track time, competitiveness & enjoyabilty.

In August of 1999 Brian began classes at a local college to learn Web Design.

In September of 1999 Brian started the #32 1933 Crack'n Riley Sprint Car Web Site. This site has continued to grow since its inception. The site's main purpose is to promote and gain additional information on the #32 1933 Crack'n Riley Special as well as to promote all forms of Vintage Racing - especially those spectacular cars that ran on local dirt oval tracks back in the heyday of racing.

Formal training in web design was initially undertaken to simply learn the basics, yet after a few classes this training turned into an interesting, technical, intellectual hobby. After numerous classes & countless design projects this hobby had culminated into an actual web design company - High Performance Design, (HPD), founded in January 2001.

HPD is now assisting others in promoting their local businesses, race teams & hobbies.  

All proceeds generated by HPD are channeled into current & future racing programs. This will hopefully help Brian return to the track very soon - which is his main passion. So, if you know anyone who is in need of a web site please have them contact Brian at: brianwatson@watsonracingteam.com

In January of 2002 Brian resigned from his position of Chemical Production Manager and went to work for a different Specialty Chemical Manufacturer as a Project Manager. Instead of overseeing the hands-on day-to-day operations of a Chemical Plant by being right in the middle of it, Brian is now behind a desk orchestrating the business transactions that drive a Production Department. This new position requires a chemical background as well as strong business skills.

On April 6, 2002 the spark was rekindled. The 1983 Midget featured on this web site was purchased and work began to restore the Championship winning car to race ready form.

On August 2, 2003, a little under a year and a half latter, the restoration was complete and the car was ready for a few test runs. The outcome: the car ran perfect. We then brought it back to the shop and have been tweaking on it ever since. Areas such as weight distribution, caster, camber, right height, spring rates, wheel offset, air pressures, stagger, etc.

2006, besides the midget we will run a micro sprint at several local track.

Stay tuned.


Brian can be contacted at: brianwatson@watsonracingteam.com



Some photos from our archives...